X-games are among the signature games on earth now. These games began in but evolved in with the beginning of X games in IX in L.A.

In , ESPN management made a decision to devote significant resources to the creation of a global gathering of action players. With this particular, a team assembled to build up the concept.

In , ESPN announced that first extreme sports(X-games) will undoubtedly be held in Rhode Island in , throughout a press conference at Planet Hollywood in NEW YORK. From June th, the Extreme Games are increasingly being into action in Newport, Providence, and Middletown. The athletes can compete in events in nine sports categories including Eco-Challenge, Bungy jumping, In-line skating, skysurfing, etc.

With the response by the spectators, ESPN, along with other association made a decision to contain the event each year rather than every 2 yrs. You can view Extreme Physical Stunts Online to take pleasure from the fun.

In January, the function name Extreme Games was officially changed as X Games. The motive behind changing the name of the games was to create it possible for the simple to pronounce for the International audience. Another reason linked to change the name was to provide better branding opportunities.

In late June, approximately , spectators proved for X Games II. In this, windsurfing and mountain biking were replaced by wakeboarding. With the growing craze for the games, the first-ever Winter X Games were announced at a press conference on June . The famous Snow Summit Mountain Resort in Big Bear Lake, hosted competitions in ice climbing, Snow Mountain bike racing, snowboarding, super-modified shovel racing and several other crossover multi-sport events.

In from January through February 2, the inaugural Winter X Games were televised to countries and territories in various languages. The crowd was passionate to view the games. There have been a lot more than , spectators that made the trek to Big Bear Lake for four days. Watch Extreme Physical Stunts Online to start to see the how these games are played. From June to through June , an archive crowd of , fans watched the X Games III.

In , approximately , spectators gather for over four days at Crested Mountain Resort in Colo.

Besides, some drawbacks like higher rate of accident X-games still supply the adrenaline packed enjoyment.X Games have already been well-known for years and folks have enjoyed watching these games because they are active, style and risk factor. The games have its charm and popularity.