Are you looking for the best ping pong balls for the next tournament or even for practice? Getting the best ball to play with can largely boost your confidence in a game.

But what type of ping pong ball fits you the most? In case you are wondering about the same question, you are in the right place. We went on a quest to find the best table tennis ball for every occasion and player such regarding beginners, best for the tournament, best in bounce, best while training, etc. So, follow this article till the finish to know very well what the best ping pong ball for you is.

How to Choose the best ping pong balls?
Before diving straight into the top table tennis balls, let’s look into the critical considerations before buying a table tennis ball.

Size of the Ping Pong Ball
The official ping pong ball diameter or size is 40 mm or 40+ in major tournaments, and for international and national competitions, the size is 38 mm. When the ball is larger, it is more obvious to the audience, but it moves slowly. If you’re using kids, friends, or family, you can use even 73 mm table tennis balls.

The Material of a Ping Pong Ball
Traditionally, ping pong balls’ material is celluloid, not really a direct plastic but a plastic component. However, the celluloid balls aren’t very durable. Besides, they don’t have a good spin with a paddle. This is the reason that among the to change the material to Polymer plastic.

Weight of a Ping Pong Ball
The ping pong ball’s weight can be an essential feature in choosing a ball because it determines its bounce, spin, and momentum. The standard weight of the ball should be between 2.6 to 2.7 grams for an ITTF approved ball. It takes a lot of quality checking to get every ball in the same size.

Ping Pong Ball Reviews
Going through the ping pong balls’ reviews is important, particularly if you are buying them online. The reviews from the users build trust and reliability in the merchandise. The users state the positive and negative comments for the table tennis ball brands, and it will help you write down the needs you have and requirements and choose accordingly.

Ping Pong Ball Ratings
Table tennis balls are always rated with stars, in fact it is essential to understand the table tennis ball star-rating system works and how to choose a table tennis ball according to your need with the right star-rating.

To understand the difference in table tennis balls, let’s acknowledge the star-rating:

One-star ping pong balls are the best table tennis balls for schools and beginner kids who are considering ping pong. However, the balls could lose their shape, and dents occur quicker and crack easily.
Two-star ping pong balls are suitable for practicing and training members as they can retain their form for a more extended period than one-star balls. It really is generally produced in packs of 90 to 200.
Three-star ping pong balls are equivalent to 4 or 5-star ratings. These table tennis balls are considered the best ping pong balls for professional playing and are used in competitions.
Regardless of the stars given on the merchandise, we should look out for the specifications since the manufacturer supplies the star ratings.